Why OpenMethods?

Your CRM exists in its own silo amidst other applications.


Users struggle with navigating multiple platforms, causing workflow disruptions, decreased productivity, and prolonged customer interactions.


Data duplication, inconsistencies, and errors arise due to manual transfers or synchronization across disconnected systems.


Limited access to real-time data and incomplete visibility into customer interactions make decision-making difficult. 

An Example Illustrating The Very Problem.

Watch the video below for a brief demonstration of the drawbacks associated with switching between multiple data sources and applications in order to transfer data to and from your CRM.


The Problems Can Be Summarized In The Following Areas

Fragmented Data

In most cases, customer interactions require searching through multiple data repositories and applications, only to later duplicate and transfer the gathered information into your CRM.

High Operational Overhead

On average, agents are burdened with the task of accessing and navigating through 10 or more applications during each customer interaction, which not only adds complexity but also heightens the risk of errors and inefficiencies.

Security Risks

Accessing multiple data points across disparate systems increases the vulnerability to security risks, potentially exposing sensitive information to unauthorized access or breaches.

Process & Compliance Concerns

Distributed applications and data pose significant challenges to process and compliance adherence, as they create fragmentation and hinder the ability to maintain consistent standards across systems.

OpenMethods Solves The Challenges

Integrating the CRM into the application landscape!

With OpenMethods, you can simplify your CRM workflows by integrating your agent and customer experiences directly into your CRM system.

By doing so, you can eliminate the hassle of navigating multiple systems and manually searching for information. This ensures a seamless and efficient workflow experience for all users.


OpenMethods connects your applications and data directly into your CRM.

You’ll See

Immediate savings with minimal effort!

By implementing even the most basic workflows using OpenMethods, you will experience immediate benefits, including reduced call handle times, improved agent utilization, and decreased post-call and customer interaction workload.


The Features, Benefits, & Values

How we stack up!

OpenMethods simplifies communication and integration of data directly into the CRM.

Agents can access all necessary information without switching between applications.

Customers no longer have to repeat themselves, increasing efficiency and productivity.

And we do this with our


The Proof

Our customers are our biggest champions

Chris Pearson | Sr. Business Analyst, Pella

The Open Methods team was a pleasure to work with. In my eyes, these guys are rockstarsI was very impressed with both the Open Methods team as well as PopFlow. “

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Sr. Director, Contact Center Strategy | Fortune 10 Retailer

“We knew OpenMethods were problem-solvers and a culture fit from a partner perspective.”

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VP, Customer Service | Fortune 100 Retailer

“Without OpenMethods, we’d have to switch our entire CRM platform. There’s no other way we can bridge the IVR and CRM data.”

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Hyrum Mertlich | HIS Client Web Experience Designer, 3M

“OpenMethods is fantastically solid, robust, and powerful! Your team has done an outstanding job with your product, and I’m super pumped to use it more and more!”

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