Streamline your app stack into the CRM

Customer data lives everywhere – not just your CRM.  With all the fragmented apps and data sources, how are you using customer data in ways that actually benefit your customer?

OpenMethods Experience Cloud brings relevant customer data from your existing apps directly into the CRM.

Fuel customer interactions with the contextual customer data relevant to who your customer is and what your customer needs.

The Challenge

Data everywhere; Context nowhere

Your current application stack is full of business-critical apps and tools. And while these individual apps are great on their own, they lack one critical feature: bringing contextual data back to the CRM.

Data overflow

Apps with niche functionality gather a wide breadth of data that is tedious and cumbersome to sift through during customer interactions.

One directional context

The data in your application stack is housed in siloed apps and lacks bidirectional context transfer.

Managing access

Overseeing access to multiple data sources can be demanding and complex, presenting notable challenges and potential pitfalls.



 A common contact journey

Fragmented + Time Consuming = Expensive

The significant drawback is the inability to synchronize contextual data with the CRM.

The Solution

OpenMethods transforms data into context

OpenMethods centralizes data from existing apps and tools directly into the CRM.

Agents understand who your customer is, why they are calling, and how they can help – all without leaving the CRM.

Brands using OpenMethods decrease agent effort by 25% or more. 

How we do this

Turn process into PopFlows

Build and design PopFlows that turn common workflows into repeatable processes. Your agents spend less time learning your processes and more time

Centralize the CRM

Pull context directly into the CRM so agents have fewer places to hunt for context.

Pop Context

Modals and overlays bring relevant customer context directly to agents – without the need to toggle between apps.

Data accuracy

Custom forms and buttons allow agents to collect, edit, and update information from multiple applications directly from the CRM.

Auto Populate Fields

No need to copy+paste data! Auto-populate data fields with customer data.

Filter Data

Use customer data such as phone number or email address to search and return customer records.

Streamline access

Easily manage application access by showing agents data they need while restricting data they do not.

Build your PopFlows!

The Experience Designer allows you to design, build, & test workflows quickly!

Play the video below for a quick example of how to build workflows!


OpenMethods revolutionizes customer interactions and business operations by seamlessly integrating them directly into the CRM system, resulting in a profound impact. This transformative approach leads to simplified, secure, and highly efficient experiences that significantly enhance engagement between customers and brand representatives.

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