CASE STUDIES – Authentication

OpenMethods helped a top retail department store harness customer data and ensure compliance

Fortune 100 Retail Department Store | US Based | Physical and eCommerce | Seven Year OpenMethods Client


Need a way to empower multi-skilled agent pool to assist a wide breadth of customer inquiries without overwhelming agents with customer data


Single agent interface with custom buttons to call additional customer data and provide account authentication


  • Reduction in AHT
  • Streamline Agent Onboarding
Your CRM data is a powerful resource. But is it possible to have too much data at your agent’s fingertips? A Fortune 500 retail department store needed a way to get the right data in front of their agents without giving them a customer’s entire purchase and transaction history. Not only did they have a data problem to solve, they also had to ensure agents handled credit card transactions and inquiries while adhering to compliance regulations.

An upgrade to BUI and an opportunity to re-scale

The organization was in the process of upgrading their Oracle instance to BUI B2B. The scale of the project already required OpenMethods assistance to migrate PopFlows and scripting to the new instance, so OpenMethods collaborated with the organization to propose some re-scripting to fully optimize ROI with both OpenMethods and Oracle. The scope of the project was large, but the collaborative partnership between Oracle, OpenMethods, and the Retail Giant ensured a successful outcome for all parties.

The solution needed to meet mission-critical criteria:

  • Increase the speed of the Oracle instance so agents have less dead air time with clients
  • Authenticate users for their .com, rewards, or store credit card accounts
  • Provide agents with relevant context without overwhelming them with information
  • Empower agents to engage with customers without overscripting interactions

The migration to Oracle BUI took care of the first goal, and OpenMethods got started on the remaining initiatives.

Successful Agent Interactions

One of the top requirements focused empowering agents to handle each and every interaction they encounter. This meant not overburdening agents with scripts and customer data, informing agents of the latest customer interaction data, and ensuring agents adhere to compliance regulations for credit card customers.

The VP of Customer Service informed us, “Around 50-60% of our interactions usually handle two or more inquiries. It’s very common for a customer to call in about a .com order and end up processing a credit card payment at the same time. Agents handle a variety of requests with each call.”

OpenMethods deployed a series of custom PopFlow buttons that allow the agent to see a customer’s authentication, and provide a way to perform additional authentication as needed. Visual cues on the screen remind agents of any authentication steps necessary to continue their interaction, and custom PopFlow buttons allow agents to fetch additional customer information.

Doug Labelle, OpenMethods Director of CX and Product Engagement said, “We wanted to keep it simple for agents so they can stay in their web browser. We automated activity to pass and update customer information for the agents. Now they can focus on the interaction and not the tool.”

Championing our customers to the finish line

The retail deployment demonstrates  OpenMethods’ best practices in action.

Each call receives OpenMethods treatment, so every agent has access to the information they need relevant to the customer interaction. The ease with which agents authenticate customer data and fetch additional information makes streamlined and meaningful interactions.

We think they summed it up best when they told us, “Without OpenMethods, we’d have to switch our entire CRM platform. There’s no other way we can bridge the IVR and CRM data.”

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