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OpenMethods safeguards over 200 million yearly CRM interactions for innovative enterprises worldwide.

Enterprise Compliant

We undergo regular third-party audits and technical assessments of our data security to ensure privacy and safety. Our security credentials include:


We comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements in relation to handling personal data such as GDPR and CCPA. See our Privacy Policy and Security Policy pages that contain information about our sub-processors and data processing..

If you need more info, please contact our compliance team.

Proactive Platform Security

At OpenMethods, we prioritize your security and take it seriously. To ensure your safety, we perform regular security testing that includes:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing.


Additionally, we undergo an annual security review conducted by a third-party company. Contact us to learn more about our security measures and our annual security assessment.


We believe in transparency and prompt communication, so we will inform you about any issues as soon as we become aware of them and provide real-time status updates.

How OpenMethods earns trust

OpenMethods covers these essential needs, so teams can succeed with peace of mind.



We hold data protection crucial for supporting successful teams. Therefore, we integrate security into our products and operations.

Scale & Reliability


We invest in our infrastructure to ensure that it can support deployments of any scale, ranging from 100 to 100,000 or more.



We are dedicated to safeguarding your privacy by ensuring the security of our product, infrastructure, and data governance.



We make sure to comply with regulations at the global, regional, and industry levels to assist you in meeting compliance standards.

Protect your work

OpenMethods adopts a security-by-design strategy to safeguard your data. We construct our platform utilizing the best practices for creating highly available, scalable, and secure cloud applications.


Security Infrastructure

OpenMethods infrastructure has multiple layers of protection to ensure data security during transmission, storage, and processing. These layers include encryption and access privileges.


Operational Security

Our information security team continuously implements new security controls and monitors OpenMethods for malicious activity across physical data centers, networks, and IT devices.



OpenMethods provides robust in-product data protection, admin controls, and HTTP security controls for greater control and visibility over data and user access.

Data Processing Agreement


Please complete the OpenMethods customer notification form to hear about new or replacement subprocessors. Only customers who subscribe will be notified of changes.  Please see our Data Processing Addendum for further information.

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