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OpenMethods centralizes your workflows, data, and third-party applications into the Zendesk workspace to deliver best-in-class CX that scales with your organization!

The Challenge

Bringing contextual relevance across a myriad of applications


To run your business-critical apps and tools smoothly, you require data from different applications, integrations, and sources. However, they lack a crucial feature – the ability to integrate contextual data real-time into Zendesk.

Data overflow

Apps with niche functionality gather a wide breadth of data that is tedious and cumbersome to sift through during customer interactions.

One directional context

The data you need lives in siloed apps and lacks bidirectional transfer.

Marketplace apps & add-ons

Managing multiple marketplace applications can be a significant challenge as it involves handling various contexts, data, integrations, and contracts.

OpenMethods Simplifies Real-Time Customer Interactions!

The Solution

OpenMethods with Zendesk!

OpenMethods is not merely an “add-on” to Zendesk.


Our partnership with Zendesk is earning us the trust of their enterprise clients with every customer conversation!

How we do this

Turn process into PopFlows

Build and design PopFlows that turn complex business processes into repeatable workflows. Your agents spend less time learning your processes! Take a look at a few example use cases where OpenMethods helped supercharge the Zendesk Customer Experience.

The OpenMethods Experience Designer enables the creation of efficient workflows with numerous customization options to provide real-time information directly to Zendesk. These workflows are referred to as PopFlows.

Data accuracy

Agents can manage information in Zendesk with custom forms and buttons for accuracy.

Pop Context

Easily access relevant context without switching between applications by using modals and overlay within Zendesk.


Centralize Zendesk

Agents access essential information seamlessly in Zendesk without searching across multiple platforms.



Build your PopFlows!

Flexibility at your fingertips

The Experience Designer allows you to design, build, & test workflows quickly!

Consolidate Data Sources

Easily establish connections to API and data sources with the “App Connector” feature.

Build Quickly

Access all the important fields you need in Zendesk and quickly assemble workflows!

Auto Populate Fields

No need to copy+paste data! Auto-populate data fields with important data.

Testing Made Easy

Test before you save changes into production!

Stay Compliant & Improve Workflows

Don’t let shortcuts break your process and impact data quality

Most integration and apps allow users to bypass important steps vital to compliance or workflow processes. OpenMethods ensures the right information is collected the first time!

Automate paths

Gather the necessary requirements and make informed decisions based on the provided information.

Multiple choices

Bring greater flexibility and multiple options directly to Zendesk with ease!

Zendesk with OpenMethods


What sets OpenMethods apart from the competition in the Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) market?


OpenMethods stands out from the numerous IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) products and services in several key ways:

Specialization in CRM Integration: OpenMethods specializes in CRM integration, making it a focused expert in this domain. Unlike general IPaaS solutions, which cover a wide range of integrations, OpenMethods is tailored specifically for enhancing CRM workflows and customer interactions.

Efficiency and Streamlining: Our approach prioritizes streamlining CRM workflows, making them more efficient and user-friendly. We offer features like PopFlows and centralizing CRM data, which are designed to minimize manual tasks and boost agent productivity.

Enhanced Customer Experience: OpenMethods places a strong emphasis on improving the customer experience. We ensure that customer interactions are smoother and more personalized, reducing the need for customers to repeat information and ultimately increasing satisfaction.

Contextual Information Delivery: Our modals and overlays deliver contextual customer information directly to agents, eliminating the need to switch between applications. This feature is particularly valuable for CRM-related tasks.

Data Accuracy and Real-time Updates: OpenMethods provides tools for data accuracy and real-time updates within the CRM system. Custom forms and buttons enable agents to collect, edit, and update information from multiple applications directly within the CRM.

Access Control and Data Security: We offer robust access control features to manage application access efficiently, ensuring data security. Agents can access only the data they need, enhancing security and compliance.

Focused Integration: While IPaaS services may cater to a wide range of integrations, OpenMethods is dedicated to enhancing CRM integration specifically. This focus allows us to develop specialized features and solutions for CRM-related challenges.

OpenMethods differentiates itself by its specialization in CRM integration, emphasis on efficiency and customer experience, contextual information delivery, data accuracy, and a focus on access control and security.


These factors combine to make OpenMethods a powerful choice for organizations looking to elevate their CRM integration and enhance customer interactions.

Are you just another Marketplace Extension or Add-On to Zendesk?


OpenMethods is not just another marketplace extension or application add-on. We understand that there are numerous add-ons available in the market, and choosing the right one for your business is a critical decision.


Here’s why OpenMethods stands out and why you should consider us over the thousands of other add-ons:

Specialized Focus on CRM Integration: OpenMethods is dedicated to CRM integration, which sets us apart from generic add-ons. Our solutions are tailored specifically to enhance customer relationship management, ensuring that your CRM system functions seamlessly with other applications. This specialization means that we bring deep expertise and a unique approach to CRM integration challenges.

Efficiency and Workflow Streamlining: We are committed to streamlining CRM workflows and enhancing operational efficiency. Our features like PopFlows, centralizing CRM data, and contextual information delivery are designed to make your CRM usage more efficient, saving time and reducing manual tasks.

Enhanced Customer Experience: OpenMethods places a strong emphasis on improving the customer experience. We ensure that your agents have the right information at their fingertips, reducing customer frustration due to repeated information requests. This ultimately leads to happier customers and increased loyalty.

Contextual Data Integration: Our modals and overlays deliver context directly to agents, eliminating the need to switch between applications. This means your team has the relevant information they need when they need it, improving decision-making and customer interactions.

Data Accuracy and Real-time Updates: OpenMethods provides tools for data accuracy and real-time updates within your CRM system. Custom forms and buttons allow your agents to collect, edit, and update information from multiple applications directly within the CRM, reducing errors and ensuring data consistency.

Access Control and Data Security: We offer robust access control features, allowing you to manage application access efficiently and ensure data security. Agents can access only the data they need, enhancing overall security and compliance.

Proven Track Record: OpenMethods has a proven track record of success. We’ve helped numerous businesses across various industries enhance their CRM integration, improve customer interactions, and optimize operational efficiency.


OpenMethods is not just another add-on; we are a specialized CRM integration solution provider with a focus on efficiency, customer experience, data accuracy, and security.


We offer a unique set of features and a dedicated approach to CRM integration that can significantly benefit your business and set you apart from the competition.

How is OpenMethods tailored to meet the needs of enterprise customers specifically?


OpenMethods possesses a unique capability to address the intricate demands of enterprise-level entities, including those that hold esteemed positions in the Fortune 10, 50, and 100. Our extensive expertise, forged over a decade, has been dedicated to serving enterprise customers, evidenced by the fact that a staggering 98% of our clientele represents Fortune 10, 50, and 100 companies.


Here’s why the enterprise – fortune 10, 50, and 100 businesses select OpenMethods over the others:


Scalability: OpenMethods is designed to scale effortlessly with large enterprises. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of users across multiple locations, our solutions can seamlessly adapt to your growing needs.

Customization: Enterprises often have unique and complex workflows. OpenMethods offers a high degree of customization, allowing us to align with your specific business processes and CRM setup, ensuring a tailored fit.

Data Security: We understand the heightened sensitivity of enterprise data. OpenMethods employs robust access control and security measures to safeguard your valuable information, meeting the stringent security standards demanded by Fortune 10, 50, and 100 companies.

Dedicated Support: Our enterprise clients receive top-tier, dedicated support with priority response times. Our team is experienced in handling the unique challenges that large organizations face and is ready to assist you every step of the way.

Compliance: OpenMethods is designed to meet the compliance standards commonly expected by Fortune-caliber enterprises. This ensures that you remain in full regulatory compliance, providing peace of mind for audits and industry-specific regulations.

Integration Expertise: Large enterprises often have complex IT environments with numerous applications. Our deep integration expertise ensures that your CRM works seamlessly with your existing tools, optimizing your operations and data flow.


OpenMethods is the ideal choice for Fortune 10, 50, and 100 companies, as we are tailored to meet the unique demands of large enterprises.


Our scalability, customization, data security, dedicated support, compliance readiness, and integration expertise make us the trusted partner for optimizing CRM integration within your organization.

Results you can track.

The results speak for themselves. Our clients who use OpenMethods Experience Cloud as part of their CX suite have more efficient agents, happier customers, and streamlined workflows. We like to call it a win/win/win.

PopFlow’s features, advantages, and value

Tailor your workflows and automate processes in real-time with the versatility of PopFlow.

One queue to rule them all.

One queue to rule them all.

Customer expectations are simple: know me, know your stuff, don’t make me repeat myself. Harmony helps your brand fulfill these expectations (and more!) by providing agents with a single desktop view of all interactions across all communication channels.

Download the Harmony onepager to learn about:
Unifying chat, voice, and digital interactions into a universal composite queue
Managing interactions from a single agent desktop
Transitioning interaction context across communication channels

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Reducing frustrations one PopFlow at a time.

Reducing frustrations one PopFlow at a time.

How many applications do your agents use on a daily basis? What if we told you we could streamline your third party applications into automated workflows? And what if we also told you that those workflows would package all the interaction-specific information for your agents? This may seem daunting to other CX solutions, but it’s the force that fuels us at OpenMethods.

Download the PopFlow onepager to learn about:
Automating repeatable tasks for increased agent efficiency and decreased customer effort
Eliminating the abundance of third-party applications so agents work directly out of a single workspace
Increasing agent satisfaction and customer satisfaction

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Solution for companies with too much software.

Curious to learn how OpenMethods Experience Cloud has spent the last decade helping companies maximize operational efficiency? Our solution helps unify your disparate third party applications into streamlined workflows, and creates a universal composite queue out of your CRM interaction channels. Maximize the investment of your initial tech stack and gain additional ROI with our powerful solution suite.

Download the OpenMethods onepager to learn about:
Challenges call centers without OpenMethods face
Providing your customers with context-specific interactions
Empowering agents with automated workflows and an integrated CRM
Improvements in agent effort, customer satisfaction, and overall ROI

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Building a Streamlined and Secured Experience.

Building a Streamlined and Secured Experience.

Your data is sensitive. As it moves between client and server-side applications, it becomes vulnerable to data leaks and attacks. OpenMethods’ AppConnector reduces this risk by creating a single, secure CRM user view - whether you use two or two hundred applications.

Download the AppConnector onepager and learn about:
Protecting the CRM user from malicious attacks and bad actors
Securing the integration of your third party applications
Patent-pending server-side authentication of AppConnector

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