Where’s my Order?
April 4, 2022

Patience is a virtue, but waiting is maddening. When your customers are waiting for products and services from you, they want accurate and up-to-date information, and they want to avoid being transferred between departments and business units.

OpenMethods’ PopFlow allows you to build workflows that pull interaction-specific context from multiple applications into a single agent-desktop with interaction-specific context. This means your agents spend less time toggling between multiple applications and your customers spend less time repeating themselves.

How does PopFlow work?


PopFlow takes the contextual threads of multiple applications and weaves them into a single agent desktop. Agents can easily view interaction-specific information associated with the customer’s name and phone number, which allows them to provide accurate and relevant service to any customer inquiry – all without needing to toggle between applications.


Let’s look at how a typical interaction looks like without PopFlow enabled.



A customer calls customer service to check on the status of their order. The IVR prompts them to verify some info like name and order number. As soon as they’re connected to the agent, they need to repeat that same information before the agent can even begin to provide assistance. Then the agent puts the customer on hold while they open up the CRM, grab the order number, locate the tracking number associated with the order, enter the tracking number on the carrier website, then provide an update to the customer.


Even though the customer’s issue was addressed, the agent spent a lot of time jumping in-and-out of multiple applications just to answer a simple request.


But what if that same interaction was powered by PopFlow?



As soon as the agent answers the call, PopFlow springs into action. The customer record is opened in the CRM, order numbers from your eCommerce app are obtained, associated tracking numbers are tracked on the carrier site, and agents are presented with the information needed to complete the interaction. Your customers no longer need to repeat information and your agents have instant access to the information they need for this specific interaction.


The Proof is in the numbers!


Let’s take a look!


Because PopFlow uses a real-time engine to make updates, your agents are always empowered with the most up-to-date information. This increases agent effectiveness and agent utilization, and has a direct impact on agent satisfaction and eNPS.

Your customers also benefit from the increase in effectiveness when they spend less time repeating information and less time on hold. Because PopFlow saves your agents time on each interaction, AHT decreases on average 30-50%.

Flexibility & Ease


PopFlow’s goal is to replace redundant processes with automated workflows, and it does more than just track order statuses.


Need a better way to give a customer an update on their refund?

Let PopFlow handle it.

Want to streamline the process for tracking order returns and exchanges?

Build a PopFlow.

What about tracking where a service technician is on their schedule?

PopFlow does that too.


And the possibilities don’t end there! The flexible configuration options available with PopFlow can help you automate the process problems unique to your brand.


PopFlow by OpenMethods empowers your brand to create better CX experiences for your customers and your agents.

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