Automate Service Processes Using OpenMethods & Oracle Service
May 5, 2022

  1. Discover how the role of service agents is adjusting.
  2. How OpenMethods is guiding the way to provide valuable ways to communicate across multiple channels and deliver best-of-class customer & agent experiences.

Check out the discussion from Daniel Foppen, Director, Product Strategy Oracle & Garret V Lydecker Jr, CEO OpenMethods.

Oracle Advertising and CX + OpenMethods: Virtual Summit

Today’s Landscape With Service


The landscape and roles of service agents are changing. For example, the pandemic with an increasing number of representatives working remotely. And there is a considerable challenge, Maintaining agent proficiencies and satisfaction between consumers and agents.

OpenMethods & Oracle are a vital part of the new adaptation.


OpenMethods focuses on bringing all the communication channels into Oracle. Agents no longer must answer a call on a different application, open or set focus to multiple desktop applications.


Saving Time Is Critical


Saving time is critical!OpenMethods gives quick automated access via PopFlows that automate several touchpoint areas for the agent. Area’s agents would have usually had to access manually. Agent handle time (AHT) reduces and same with stress. All this works in favor of the agent servicing the call. They can remove all the additional window clutter and work directly from the Oracle Service Cloud.


The outcome of this is a more centralized platform. Agents can quickly resolve consumer problems with swift service.

  • OpenMethods & Oracles customers see an increase in the agents’ productivity. The agent’s well-being, and ENPS, Employee Net Promoters Scores, increase thanks to a streamlined line toolset tackling customer issues.

  • The consumer’s experience faces fewer obstacles, hold times, and faster resolution. The information and data regarding their contact move directly to the agent. Who enjoys repeating information?

  • Most importantly, proven outcomes. The NPS, Net Promoter Score, increases as the customer experience and journey streamlines with fewer obstacles and first contact resolution. 

Happy Customers and Agents!

In conclusion, customers can quickly move on with their day. Resulting in the agent becoming unlikely to be bogged down.

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