Facilitating One Billion Customer Interactions with OpenMethods
August 16, 2023

"The distance between your dreams and reality is called action."


We have a goal we are determined to achieve!

In today’s rapidly moving business landscape, customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial for success. However, many organizations have found integrating CRM into their application landscape challenging.


Fortunately, OpenMethods offers innovative solutions to simplify CRM workflows by directly integrating agent and customer experiences into the CRM system. By implementing and using OpenMethods, businesses can eliminate the complexities of navigating multiple systems and manual data searches, ensuring a seamless and efficient user workflow experience.

The Goal: Facilitate One Billion Customer Interactions

Our goal at OpenMethods is to facilitate one billion customer interactions and revolutionize the CRM for outstanding customer experiences.

OpenMethods currently facilitates around 15 million customer interactions every month!


OpenMethods simplifies basic interactions and reduces interaction handling time by an average of 30 seconds. Our simple workflows extract customer context directly from the CRM, eliminating the need for manual interactions. This optimization is the first step toward real-time engagement.


Customers who use more intermediate workflows combine data from their CRM and other business platforms. Doing so can save more than 3 minutes per consumer interaction, compared to basic workflows that only save 30 seconds of interaction time.


More advanced use effortlessly integrates complex business workflows into seamless interactions, empowering customers and brand representatives to excel and maximize productivity. This dynamic automation has reduced interaction time by over five minutes, boosting compliance adherence, data integrity, and overall satisfaction rates.

Breaking That Down!


On a monthly basis, this can be easily converted into various time units such as minutes, hours, days, or even years. This is truly remarkable.





We are motivated to reach even greater heights because of the positive impact we can make with our current accomplishments. Let’s explore ways to achieve these goals more effectively.

Simplifying CRM Workflows:


One of the key challenges organizations face is the fragmentation of information across various systems required to serve customer needs. The problem not only impedes productivity but also results in disjointed customer interactions. OpenMethods addresses this challenge head-on by enabling the seamless unification of the CRM into the application landscape.



When leveraging OpenMethods, brands can unify their agent and customer experiences within the CRM, eliminating the need to switch between multiple platforms to get the information they need to service the customer. Access to time sensitive, organized information from disparate systems allows brand representatives to perform complex tasks within a single interface. The result is efficiency, reduced errors, and a more personalized customer experience.

Eliminating Manual Data Searches:


Manually searching for customer information across disparate systems can be time-consuming and error-prone. OpenMethods solves this problem by automating fetching and presenting relevant customer data within the CRM interface. Agents no longer need to waste time navigating different applications or sifting through piles of data. Instead, they can access comprehensive customer profiles, purchase histories, previous interactions, and other real-time information within the CRM system.

Enhancing Customer Experience:


A seamless and efficient workflow translates into improved customer experiences. OpenMethods empowers agents to provide personalized interactions armed with accurate and up-to-date information. By having a holistic view of each customer’s journey, agents can offer timely assistance, anticipate needs, and resolve issues quickly.



Moreover, OpenMethods facilitates smooth handoffs between agents and departments, ensuring that customers don’t need to repeat information or experience frustration due to disjointed communication. With OpenMethods, businesses can foster customer loyalty and satisfaction by delivering consistent, personalized experiences across multiple brand touch-points.

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The Goal Is Set!


OpenMethods is revolutionizing CRM integration and redefining how brands interact with their customers to facilitate one billion customer interactions. By simplifying work, eliminating manual data entry, and enhancing the customer experience, OpenMethods empowers organizations to achieve unprecedented efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.



We are excited to embark on this journey, supporting businesses worldwide in unlocking the true potential of their CRM systems. Join us in embracing the power of OpenMethods and taking your customer interactions to new heights.



Together, let’s shape the future of customer engagement and build lasting customer relationships.

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