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OpenMethods is a software company focused on changing customer experience by building solutions that create awesome agent experiences. We are looking for a self-starter who is passionate about coding and focused on user experience. The application you will be working on is used today by the largest companies in the world in Retail, eCommerce, Banking, Healthcare, Technology and more. OpenMethods processes millions of interactions a month while driving unparalleled savings and delighting customers. Since we are a tight knit group, you will be an integral part of building new products as well as the core technology team. We take pride in leveraging the latest tech stacks and are always open to implementing new and exciting ideas.



  • Building, launching, and running critical web applications.
  • Develop frameworks and work on all client-side applications.
  • Meet with stakeholders and leads to work on designs and implementation.


Required Skills/Abilities


  • Have 8+ years of software experience with at least 5 years in a senior role.
  • Have a love for good design and working on challenging design paradigms.
  • Stellar troubleshooting skills with the ability to spot issues before they become problems.
  • Current with industry trend and best practices, ability to identify the ones we should implement.
  • Strong time and project management skills, with the capability to prioritize and multitask as needed.
  • High proficiency in Typescript and CSS.
  • Angular preferably or equivalent (VueJS, React, Svelte, etc.)


Nice to Have:


  • C# .NET Core
  • Experience creating custom canvas
  • NodeJS
  • Python
  • DynamoDB
  • AWS


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One queue to rule them all.

One queue to rule them all.

Customer expectations are simple: know me, know your stuff, don’t make me repeat myself. Harmony helps your brand fulfill these expectations (and more!) by providing agents with a single desktop view of all interactions across all communication channels.

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Unifying chat, voice, and digital interactions into a universal composite queue
Managing interactions from a single agent desktop
Transitioning interaction context across communication channels

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Reducing frustrations one PopFlow at a time.

Reducing frustrations one PopFlow at a time.

How many applications do your agents use on a daily basis? What if we told you we could streamline your third party applications into automated workflows? And what if we also told you that those workflows would package all the interaction-specific information your agents? This may seem daunting to other CX solutions, but it’s the force that fuels us at OpenMethods.

Download the PopFlow onepager to learn about:
Automating repeatable tasks for increased agent efficiency and decreased customer effort
Eliminating the abundance of third-party applications so agents work directly out of a single workspace
Increasing agent satisfaction and customer satisfaction

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Solution for companies with too much software.

Solution for companies with too much software.

Curious to learn how OpenMethods Experience Cloud has spent the last decade helping companies maximize operational efficiency? Our solution helps unify your disparate third party applications into streamlined workflows, and creates a universal composite queue out of your CRM interaction channels. Maximize the investment of your initial tech stack and gain additional ROI with our powerful solution suite.

Download the OpenMethods onepager to learn about:
Challenges call centers without OpenMethods face
Providing your customers with context-specific interactions
Empowering agents with automated workflows and an integrated CRM
Improvements in agent effort, customer satisfaction, and overall ROI

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