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OpenMethods makes it easy for you to interact with people in ways that improve the customer experience, lower your costs, and increase revenue.


OpenIVR is an automated multi-channel interaction platform. OpenIVR simplifies management and overall operations of your communication channels.


Our patent pending No-Rewrite Adapter lets you run the applications you have already produced for your existing VXML IVR on OpenIVR, simply plug and play.


    OpenIVR Specifications


    VXML 2.1 Compliance


    • Native and MRCP support for DTMF
    • Inband DTMF generation and detection
    • MRCP support for voice and mixed-mode recognition, validated with third-party speech servers
    • Multi-media capable IVR with support for telephony, chat, SMS, and video interactions
    • Supports SRGS v1.0 (GRXML) and SISR v1.0
    • MRCP Version 2.0 support for ASR/TTS connectivity
    • SIP v.2.0 (RFC 3261) via built-in SIP switch
    • (based on the FreeSwitch platform, extensible to other platforms)
    • High performance multi-threaded core engine
    • Robust server architecture that "sandboxes" processing of each interaction
    • Web-based EMS framework with provisioning tool
    • Many supported codecs


    • SIP Utilizing Sofia SIP Stack
    • UDP, TCP, SCTP and TLS transports for full SIP compliance
    •  IPv6 Support
    •  SIP Session timers
    •  RTP Timers
    •  Jitter buffer
    •  NAT Support
    •  Late Codec Negotiation
    •  SIP REFER

    Minimum/Recommended System Requirements:

    • 64-bit CentOS
    • 1GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
    • 10GB of Disk Space
    • CELT (32 kHz ahd 48 kHz)
    •  G.722.1 (wideband)
    •  G.722.1C (wideband 32 kHz)
    •  G.722 (wideband)
    •  G.711
    •  G.726 (16k, 24k, 32k, 48k) AAL2 and RFC 3551
    •  G.723.1 (passthrough)
    •  G.729A (Requires a license unless using passthrough)
    •  AMR (passthrough)
    •  iLBC
    •  Speex (narrow and wideband)
    •  LPC-10
    •  DVI4 (ADPCM) 8 kHz and 16 kHz
    •  SILK
    • RFC 2337: SDP
    • RFC 3263 (SRV and NAPTR)
    • RFC 2616: HTTP
    • RFC 2965: HTTP State Management Mechanism: Cookies
    • RFC 2396: Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): Generic Syntax
    • RFC 2806: URLs for Telephone Calls
    • Nano Second CDR granularity
    • Call recording (In Stereo caller/callee left/right)
    • RTSP client support for streaming multimedia content from RTSP servers
    • ZRTP support for transparent RTP based key exchange and encryption
    • Configurable RFC 2833 Payload type
    • Proper ENUM/ISN dialing built in
    • Detailed CDR in XML, CSV, and Database Support
    • Radius CDR
    • Customizable fields and  format CDRs supported

    System requirements depend on your deployment needs. We recommend you plan for 70% duty cycle.

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