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OpenMethods Releases Harmony & PopFlow Cloud Platforms

LOS ANGELES | January 15, 2018

Contact Centers Realize the Same Benefits with OpenMethods Utilizing Oracle Engagement Cloud & Oracle Service Cloud WebUI

OpenMethods, a leader in omnichannel and CTI integration solutions, today announced their Harmony & PopFlow Cloud Platforms, which bring the same feature set of their on-premise solutions to Oracle Engagement Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud WebUI.

Over the past 3 years, OpenMethods has been a co-development partner with Oracle partnering with their teams on creating and executing their telephony and 3rd party data integration cloud roadmap.  With these new cloud platforms, contact centers now have a complete cloud-based platform to deeply integrate their CRM with their telephony platforms from Avaya, Cisco, Five9, Genesys, and others. Now contact centers can quickly and deeply integrate enterprise and 3rd party data sets and workflows directly into Oracle Engagement Cloud & Oracle Service Cloud WebUI to streamline and personalize agent and customer workflows delivering what agents need to help customers when they need it.

“From the beginning, we’ve worked closely with Oracle on this cloud partnership to ensure the world-class features of Harmony and PopFlow are seamlessly part of their Oracle CRM cloud solutions. Our first customers are not only realizing the traditional benefits of OpenMethods’ solutions, but also the lower cost and risk, with the increased agility inherent with cloud solutions.” said Gerrit Lydecker Jr., CEO of OpenMethods.

About OpenMethods

OpenMethods’ leading Interaction Integration Cloud consists of PopFlow Studio and Harmony, which deeply integrate telephony, email, and chat systems from leading communication technology leaders with Oracle CRM to create a unified desktop, universal composite queue and streamlined interactions. By personalizing and simplifying customer experiences, OpenMethods’ plug and play Interaction Integration Cloud has saved some of the most complex contact centers 45+ seconds in average handling times, years of custom development, and millions of dollars, while also significantly driving up customer satisfaction.

For more information about OpenMethods and the newly released features please contact Joe Newsum at 816-283-8965 ext. 118.

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One queue to rule them all.

One queue to rule them all.

Customer expectations are simple: know me, know your stuff, don’t make me repeat myself. Harmony helps your brand fulfill these expectations (and more!) by providing agents with a single desktop view of all interactions across all communication channels.

Download the Harmony onepager to learn about:
Unifying chat, voice, and digital interactions into a universal composite queue
Managing interactions from a single agent desktop
Transitioning interaction context across communication channels

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Reducing frustrations one PopFlow at a time.

Reducing frustrations one PopFlow at a time.

How many applications do your agents use on a daily basis? What if we told you we could streamline your third party applications into automated workflows? And what if we also told you that those workflows would package all the interaction-specific information for your agents? This may seem daunting to other CX solutions, but it’s the force that fuels us at OpenMethods.

Download the PopFlow onepager to learn about:
Automating repeatable tasks for increased agent efficiency and decreased customer effort
Eliminating the abundance of third-party applications so agents work directly out of a single workspace
Increasing agent satisfaction and customer satisfaction

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Solution for companies with too much software.

Solution for companies with too much software.

Curious to learn how OpenMethods Experience Cloud has spent the last decade helping companies maximize operational efficiency? Our solution helps unify your disparate third party applications into streamlined workflows, and creates a universal composite queue out of your CRM interaction channels. Maximize the investment of your initial tech stack and gain additional ROI with our powerful solution suite.

Download the OpenMethods onepager to learn about:
Challenges call centers without OpenMethods face
Providing your customers with context-specific interactions
Empowering agents with automated workflows and an integrated CRM
Improvements in agent effort, customer satisfaction, and overall ROI

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Building a Streamlined and Secured Experience.

Building a Streamlined and Secured Experience.

Your data is sensitive. As it moves between client and server-side applications, it becomes vulnerable to data leaks and attacks. OpenMethods’ AppConnector reduces this risk by creating a single, secure CRM user view - whether you use two or two hundred applications.

Download the AppConnector onepager and learn about:
Protecting the CRM user from malicious attacks and bad actors
Securing the integration of your third party applications
Patent-pending server-side authentication of AppConnector

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