Three Ways Process Automation Skyrockets Agent Productivity

May 13, 2022CX0 comments

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Three Ways Process Automation Skyrockets Agent Productivity

May 13, 2022 | CX

By: Erin Casto
Product Marketing Manager

In 2022, toggling back and forth between multiple applications to perform a task isn’t an uncommon workflow.

But what if there was a way to streamline workflows into a single application and dynamically display information based on the task?

Keep reading to learn about how unifying disparate applications and minimizing agent effort can net higher CSAT and reduce agent effort.

Streamline Complex Workflows


Chances are, your agents use niche applications to perform specific tasks. And these applications are good – they have great reporting, easy-to-understand UIs, and compliment other applications in your technology stack. As standalone applications, they’re perfect. But when you need to toggle between several standalone applications, the cracks in the processes begin to show. The answer isn’t to get rid of any of these applications, but instead to create an invisible workflow that weaves the processes and interfaces into a single application. Create workflows that use contextual triggers to empower your agents to personalize interactions and optimize CX.

The impact of this solution is huge – in fact, we see a 60% reduction in customer effort when agents are equipped with better solutions to their everyday tasks.

Put the right info in front of your agents


Customers contact you for a variety of reasons. Maybe they want an update on the status of an order, or maybe they’re contacting you about a payment, or maybe they want to talk to someone about upgrading their current service plan. Whatever the reason, your CMS probably has a ton of information about the customer, but it’s up to your agents to determine what information is relevant. This can lead to a lot of hold time while your agents check multiple systems for the info they need, and frustrated callers who just want an answer to their question.

Instead of jumping in and out of CRMs, inventory management systems, billing apps, and other third party applications, you can weave the threads of the customer journey into a single interface using PopFlow’s Dynamic UI. You could see agent productivity increase as much as 11%!


Enter once, update everywhere


Complex workflows typically require users to manually copy and paste information from one system into another. It’s an imperfect process that acts as a workaround for updating multiple, disparate systems. It works – but it’s manual, cumbersome, and kind of annoying. To circumnavigate this, many of our clients leverage a custom form that pulls information from multiple systems into a single interface. From here, agents can update existing records in multiple applications, or even create new items in each application.


See It In Action!

If you are interested in learning more about OpenMethods and our ability to reduce your agent’s handle time, increase the overall experience from both the agent and consumer end. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to show you.

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