Enabling the Omnichannel Contact Center

Harmony by OpenMethods enables the omnichannel contact center through the industry-leading SaaS platform that deeply integrates the Oracle Service Cloud with traditional communications platforms, such as Genesys, Cisco, Avaya, and others to create a unified agent desktop and universal queue.


OpenMethods’ Harmony Media Bar & Integration Server makes the unified agent desktop a reality by enabling, within the Oracle Service Cloud experience, all of the advanced telephony, interaction and queuing applications of traditional communications platforms.

With no more agent rekeying of data, or switching screens, our clients typically save over 30+ seconds in AHT, while improving their omnichannel customer experience.


OpenMethods’ Harmony Queue Adapters & Integration Server blends digital interactions such as email and chat into all of the leading ACDs to create a universal queue, giving contact centers the ability to leverage their existing investment in intelligent queuing, workforce management, and reporting.


With pre-built and tested integration between Oracle Service Cloud and all of the top communications platforms, OpenMethods’ Harmony is plug and play, easy and quick to implement, and provides an extraordinary ROI for our clients.

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